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One of our most requested repair services, and specialty, is in sub-zero refrigeration appliance repair.  The areas we cover are in the Houston and Galveston Island.  We provide prompt, often times same or next day availability.

We recognize a sub-zero refrigeration appliance is a long term investment and we strive to keep yours up and running and at optimal performance.  We only use factory authorized parts and provide full labor warranties.  Collectively we have over 20 years experience in sub-zero refrigeration repair.  

When it comes to sub-zero refrigeration issues you need a team that can:

  • provide a cost effective analysis and experienced, expert diagnostics;
  • supply authorized and warrantied factory ordered parts;
  • have the knowledge in order to effectively repair and test all components,;
  • provide a warranty with parts and labor;
  • who offers on-going maintenance such as condenser coil cleaning and filter replacements throughout the life of your sub-zero.

No Cool Sub-Zero

Even though everything turns on, you find that your sub zero is warm inside. When the sub zero goes warm the first instinct is the condenser fan has gone bad.  Most old sub zero refrigerators from the 1990's may have a shorted wire or condensor fan issues. This is hard to diagnose without hiring a professional.  We have trained experts to work on and troubleshoot your issues. You can schedule a sub zero appliance repair appointment at anytime! We will be happy to come out, run a diagnostic examination, look up parts, provide a detailed analysis, and complete the repair.

Steps to Diagnose the No Cool Sub Zero

To self diagnose, you need to figure out how to remove the casing around the compressor.  Then you want to see if the compressor is running.  Make sure you have complete power, that there is power to the refrigerator, that there is power from the breaker.  If the compressor is running, check the evaporator fan.  The evaporator fan should run when the door is closed.  You can simulate the door being closed by pressing the switch in the door. You will then need to test for power to the fan.  If the fan is spinning, it may be the cold control.  If you see frost, it could have a freon leak which requires professional assistance.  Gulf Coast Service Center Expert Appliance Repair specializes in freon removal and replacement, but also in finding the leak and repairing the leak incident and provides the most professional, trained, and experienced sub zero refrigerator repair in Houston.

Maintenance of a Sub Zero

To maintain a subzero, you will want to clean the condenser coil.  First, unplug the refrigerator.  You can easily clean it with a paint brush, or vacuum attachment.  You can do this every few months.  It will save you energy and money.  We are often called upon to come out and professionally clean the compressor in refrigerators, sub zeros and condenser coils.  For general questions in regards to cleaning and maintaining your sub zero, we recommend going to

Why Put a Sub Zero in your Home

When we talk about integrated refrigeration, it needs an articulating hinge that allows you to have a dual install kit so you can design the refrigerator you want within the space you have.  You can vary the columns of and add another column, each column has its own compressor.  With Sub Zeros, refrigerators food will last two to three times longer.  Their bins are made to where you don’t have to roll them out, you can snap out the halo, with soft close hinges, pop them out to clean.  They are taller because the compressor is on the bottom.  

Expert Sub Zero Diagnosticians

When it comes to Houston's Sub-zero repair, our expert technicians have the licenses, knowledge, skill, and proper tools and equipment to handle your job correctly and knowledge and education to provide you the information you need to make the right decision.

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Coil Cleaning, Compressor Replacement, No Cool, Wine Coolers, Refrigerators.  We Repair All Sub-Zero Issues.  Full Warranty and Manufacturer Parts.

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