It's a Miracle!!!

We are Lucky He Was Sent To Us!

We are Lucky He Was Sent To Us!


CUSTOMER: Theresa Hodgens


SERVICE AREA: Houston, Texas 77062

 It's a MIRACLE!!  I think when you REALLY need help and you tried everything to solve the problem and just can't solve an issue, GOD STEPS IN!  Gulf Coast Service gave me my Christmas miracle!
This past Christmas Day my 27" 1996 Kenmore built in wall oven / micro combo malfunctioned. :-(    At least we were able to eat the turkey.
The microwave broke over 9 YEARS ago - but now, the expensive confusing hunt for a big replacement.  If you ever replaced a wall oven combo you know the additional expense of modifying cabinets and endless "extras" and costs beyond the very pricy $2000 to $4000 and UP these units can be! After looking for a replacement I noticed an appliance repair company in Clear Lake - Webster Gulf Coast Service Center -right down the street.  I wanted their opinion on what appliances break the most since every company warns you will need "extended warranties" and repair rates on today's appliances can be 15% - 20% in the first YEAR on a new appliance.  I also noticed this company did not have even ONE complaint with the BBB for over 22 YEARS! Other reviews rated them on exceptional service.  I talked to Julie their dispatcher and office person who was so nice to give me help that I reconsidered  an immediate purchase and decided to ask a tech come out to give me an idea if this oven really was DEAD!  The tech - JOE - ( Like St Joseph in the Christmas Story) came out and I was stunned how he worked so expertly that I joked with him and thought he was trained by someone on STAR TREK.   Within minutes he located the oven malfunction - verified the part could still be found BUT EVEN MORE SHOCKING ( no pun) this tech looked at the microwave and noticed it was not the expensive magnetron that went out 9 YEARS ago - it was the DOOR SWITCH- a simple $5.00 Part!  The micro worked immediately and the oven part was replaced within days after the part came in.  I am so very  very thankful!  Truly this was such a good experience that I signed my bill with my name and a big happy face on the memo line!  I strongly urge people to reconsider throwing out an older appliance just because something stopped working.. As we all now know - newer is not "better" just more complicated and less reliable these days.  I especially recommend this company  5 stars if you live in Clear Lake Texas and surrounding neighborhoods.  Thank You Tech "St Joe" and thank you Gulf Coast Service!!! Theresa Hodges Jan 11, 2019 

We are Lucky He Was Sent To Us!

We are Lucky He Was Sent To Us!

We are Lucky He Was Sent To Us!


CUSTOMER:  Lief Nixon

TECHNICIAN: Travis Webster

SERVICE AREA: Houston, Texas 77096

 I could not be happier or more satisfied with Travis and Gulf Coast Service center.  We were actually lucky he was sent out to us.  We had our ice maker and built-in fridge both go down in a couple of days.  The initial repair man AHS sent from another company said the fridge could not be repaired as the parts needed did not exist nor could he fix the ice maker as he did not have the parts.  So AHS referred the ice maker repair to Gulf Coast and was going to (partially) replace the fridge.  So when Travis came out to fix the ice maker I talked to him about the fridge as well.  I must have stoked his curiosity as on his own personal time he did some research and called me back later that night and told me the parts we need, do exist.  So thank you, the cost to replace our built in would have been at least 6K.  Due to his knowledge and desire to help out a client he save me thousands of dollars.  Julie was great too, she kept us informed and handled all the communication with AHS.  They have found a client for life.